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SURVIVAL PRODUCTS , Inc. Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Aviation & Marine Safety!

**Survival Products, Inc.**

Has been in the Aviation and Marine life raft servicing business since 1970. The company is staffed with professional personnel having many years of private/commercial /military aviation and marine experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of survival emergency equipment including: life rafts, vests, slides, etc. These vast years of experience have made it possible for Survival Products to provide a complete line of the world’s most compac, light weight, and affordable life rafts for your emergency use.

**Survival Products**’

Engineers and craftsmen have designed their rafts, with you, the consumer in mind. Advanced design and manufacturing procedures along with many years of service experience have allowed Survival Products to price its life rafts at the most affordable rates. Check the competition and you will find that nobody beats these figures. Don’t be fooled by these prices, sizes and weights. These life rafts will do the job for you under the most adverse conditions.

**Each Basic Life Raft is comprised of:**

buoyancy tube ,,,deck ,,,life lines ,,,,,boarding handles ,,,,,,,CO2 auto-inflation system ,,,,,,retaining line ,,,hand pump ,,,,,,,,bailing bucket ,,,,,,,sea anchor ,,,,,,,valise

**Survival Equipment Kits**

The optional survival equipment is fitted into its own valise, externally separate from the raft valise. The equipment and raft valises are externally attached to each other utilizing velcro and a tie-line.

**ELT’s (Emergency Locator Transmitters)**
We will meet or beat **any other advertised prices** on the Transmitters we have available!!

**Safety Equipment**



**Worldwide Service Stations**

Hollywood, Florida

Survival Products, Inc.

5614 S.W. 25 Street

Hollywood, FL 33023

Tel: 954-966-7329

Fax: 954-966-3584

**Contact: Donna Rogers**

Listing ID: 13588

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