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Welcome to Alpha Marine Surveyors


Alpha Marine Surveyors

A professional organization comprised of Marine Engineers, Port Captains, USCG Merchant Marine Officers, Retired USNR Officers, and Hull & Cargo Surveyors.
We pride ourselves with being flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers and committed to providing the highest quality service.
Alpha Marine Surveyors President, Rolando R. Santos, is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point, New York. Mr. Santos has published technical papers on pollution control devices for Gas Turbines with the ASME – IGTI and presented same at technical conferences at Bournemouth, England and Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a Member of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, American Society of Naval Engineers, American Boat & Yacht Council and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers.

Our organization’s success is based on the quality of it’s highly qualified individuals. We have the resources, training, qualifications, and experience to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our organization is proud to be the only Marine Surveying Company that has conducted Research & Development projects. Alpha Marine Surveyors was responsible for the development of a Dry Low Nox Combustion Chamber for the Pratt & Whitney GG4A Combustion Gas Turbine and is also responsible for the development of a low pollutant burner for the disposal of waste oils and waste water

See on the WEB : http://www.alphamarine.com/

OR Call us at

Alpha Marine Surveyors
1330 N.W. 7 Street
Miami, FL 33125

Telephone: 305-324-1555
Toll Free: 866-812-5742
Fax: 866-512-5742

Emergency: 866-812-5742

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