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Westwind offers full service yacht detailing for boat owners

**Serving the San Francisco Bay Area Yachting Community**

For Over 25 Years

yacht detailing for boat owners
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**Westwind offers** full service yacht detailing for boat owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide one-time services as well as regular programs custom tailored to our customer individual needs and budget.

**Waxing and Detailing:**

Detailing a boat involves much more than applying and removing wax. Before a tool is even plugged in, Westwind can spend up to half a day preparing a boat for waxing. All compartments are opened and cleaned. Any stains, mold and scuffs are removed from the non-skid in an environmentally friendly “Green way. Teak decks are cleaned gently and as needed. Canvas are cleaned and removed to avoid any over spray staining. Most boat owners never notice all the little things that are involved in a professional detail, which is why most detailers skip them.

**Wash Down Programs:**

Westwind has weekly, biweekly, monthly as well as on-call programs.

**Interior Cleaning:**

**Wood Maintenance:**

Westwind can maintain your teak with varnishes and or oils, as well as some newer translucent finishes (Cetol) and 2 part marine finishes (Awl grip).

**We can also maintain your “teak” or “synthetic” decks.**

Westwind can make a day with your family, actually a day with your family.

**Pier 40- South Beach Marina**

**Westwind Yacht Management** on the web. ; http://boatdetailing.com/

Serving the San Francisco Bay

**(415) 661 – 2205**

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