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A Memo from the IYBA Executive Director

Paul Flannery

A Memo from the IYBA Executive Director

” I am pleased to announce that IYBA and Mr. Donald Douglas have reached an agreement under which IYBA will be the exclusive user of “International Yacht Brokers Association” going forward. Mr. Douglas, founder and Former  President  of International Yacht Broker Association  is now  International Marine Association ,will accept membership applications from any persoN or business involved in the marine industry. Although the International Yacht Brokers Association is unaffiliated with the International Marine Association, the organizations hope to work together in bringing professionalism and camaraderie to the world of boating and yachting. Your membership in one organization does not convey membership to the other organization. If you wish to become a member of either organization, you must apply for membership directly with that organization.”

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I M A  International Marine Association

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