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We offer yacht and boat transportation covering all 7 Seas and continents. www.sevenseasus.com/quote or CALL US: +1-305-760-2010 Our specialty is in global and domestic yacht transportation for enjoyment yachts, watercrafts, sailboats, oversized workboats, patrol boats, speed boats, research vessels, and catamarans. All global watercraft transport paths are covered.

We are a certified, bonded NVOCC – licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to do voyage charters internationally, in addition to on demand conference line solutions with weekly sailings for yacht and watercraft transportation. We are basically an international yacht transport company. We ship boats from all Seven Seas to your preferred destinations in Florida, United States West Coast and Canada, Med, Asia, Dubai, Russia, Adriatic Coast, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti. We additionally service all seasonal paths for boat and solution our clients requirements with on demand solution and charter trips to all destinations and harbors worldwide. Our watercraft transportation service includes: U.S. East Coast, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Pacific West Coastline and the South Pacific.

Seven Seas Yacht Transport » provides complete and turn key transportation logistics plans to our clients which include local boat transporting by truck to loading harbors, creating a customized cradle to support yachts in transportation, preparing loading and unloading operations with stevedores and load experts. We look after all elements and cover all the bases in yacht and watercraft transportation to ensure our clients assurance. The transport of yachts and watercrafts doesnt have to be an inconvenience. By using our experience and connections in the sector, we make yacht and watercraft transportation as smooth and simple as possible.

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Global Yacht and Boat Transport Agency.

Yacht shipping at its best – all routes covered. Seven Seas Yacht Transport offers competitive yacht and boat transportation using a global network of ships and routes readily available at our disposal. Yacht and boat shipping service operating across all Seven Seas. Clients have unique needs and expectations when it comes to transporting their yacht and boat. We develop the best course of action with a complete logistics plan needed for YACHT OWNERS, YACHT BROKERS, CAPTAINS and workboat builders to ship their vessels safely and efficiently. Our transport methods are versatile, creative and able to accommodate any size, shape, and weight of all types of vessels. Most commonly used Transport methods are: Lift On – Lift Off, Roll On – Roll Off, Float On – Float Off, briefly described here for your understanding.




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