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UjENASwimwear , Royal Perfect FIt Slimsuit , Let’s SHOP @ ujena.com

**Must-Have Swimwear** …


**A little bit sexy. A little bit sassy. A lot about EVERY woman**.

**Let’s SHOP @ ujena.com**


Make the REST of your Summer the BEST of your Summer….

**Royal Perfect Fit Slimsuit**

The ultimate bikini to take you from wearing a swimsuit to now slipping into a Perfect Fit SLIMsuit.
From hot yoga to beach volleyball,
you’ll love the way your body looks in this full coverage bikini.

The banded halter top goes over your shoulders and ties at your back for
a perfect fit.

The small banded shorts will fit and look amazing with sliding adjustable sides to make your shorts as long or as short as you like.

This suit will have you feeling sexy but covered at the same time. Get ready for ANY and

ALL sports! Lets go

shopping… with code **c1741**

we’ll ship your **Perfect Fit SLIMsuit** for FREE*


**Royal Perfect FIt Slimsuit**

**M A D E in the U S A** We’re made FRESH daily in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Follow along with us on Facebook We’re bloggin’ it Up to the minute…all about UjENA See what we’re pinning!


1931 Old Middlefield Way Bldg. A

Mountain View, CA 94043

800 448-5362

Use promotional http://www.ujena.com/c1741 for free shipping at www.ujena.com**

[1]: http://www.ujena.com/c1741
[2]: http://www.ujena.com/
[3]: http://www.ujena.com/

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